What is the qualifications of REG IP-195?  
  • REG IP-195 Designed in USA for American conditions and to meet CSA standards.
  • REG IP-195 is an approved collector under Natural Resources USA ecoenergy program and qualified for users to receive the incentives from the government.
  • REG IP-195 has passed the test of American National Solar Test Facility which was conducted by Bodycote Testing Group (Test Report No. 06-08-9146)
  • The Sunrain plant in China has been certified to the European Solar Keymark standards
  • Over 300 IP-195 units installed largely in GTA region, with the earliest serving five winters already.
  • Renewable Energy Inc. is a member of CANSIA
  • The installers of Renewable Energy Inc. hold the installation licenses of CANSIA
IP-195 Solar Hot Water Unit