Why choose REG IP-195?  
Model IP-195 is specially designed by REG for applications in USA. IP-195 products installed in NY are in compliance with Ontarian codes and standards. In designing, manufacturing and installing IP-195 products, the following codes and standards are applied: NY Building Code, NY Plumbing Code, CSA-F379/F383 and other information. The overall shape and frame structure are given below. Note: the diagrams show only flat roof/ground mounted type, however, slope roof-mounted product takes the same shape only with shorter rear legs.
  High Performance  
  With the cutting-edge vacuum-tube collecting technology, over 92% of sunshine energy is converted to thermal energy for heating. There is no circulation loss.  
  High Reliability  
  The system is simply working with the city water, with no pumps. The possible failures are eliminated to the least.  
  Low Cost  
  Affordable price for mid and low-income families, payback as short as 5 years.  
  No Maintenance  
  Glycol-free, simplified configurations. No annual or periodical check-ups or maintenance is necessary.  

Year-round Operation

  With the freezing-proof technology, the system is designed and installed to operate for all seasons.